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Clinical Trial for Chronic Itch

This is a Safety and Efficacy Study for patients suffering with CHRONIC ITCH associated with Mild to Moderate Eczema

Eczema patient with pruritus or chronic itch

Clinical Trial for Chronic Itch (pruritus)

Locations for this Clinical Trial:
Owensboro Kentucky – Owensboro Dermatology Associates

Are you suffering with chronic itch, also called pruritus.  It’s commonly associated with mild to moderate eczema and can be a significant source of distress and lack of sleep.  Qualmedica Research is enrolling a new clinical trial to evaluate an investigational medicine for chronic itch. Click here to read our information page on Atopic Dermatitis or here for more information on living with Atopic Dermatitis.

There is no cost to participate.  Volunteers receive free investigational medicine and follow-up care.  No insurance needed.  Time and travel reimburrsement up to $620 may be available.

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